Tommy Harner

Thomas Edward Harner was born on December 8, 2016, on a beautiful snowy morning in Moscow, Idaho. The beauty and wonder of the day was soon shattered, as hours later Tommy was life-flighted to Sacred Heard Childrens Hospital in Spokane due to unusual blood counts and irregular bruising. A few days later, Tommy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which would require years of chemotherapy, transfusions, immunotherapy, and a bone marrow transplant.

While the treatment Tommy went through was difficult, it doesn’t define his life. Our Childhood Cancer Coalition family was right by our side the entire time, enriching not only Tommy’s life, but the lives of his three siblings Russell, Jackson and Juliana. Tommy loved to watch Cars and snuggle his Lightning McQueen stuffy, drive matchbox cars around his room, and toddle down the hallways of the pediatric oncology floor with mom and dad chasing to keep up with his IV pole. The family deeply feels the loss of what could have been, but they also will forever remember the beauty that Thomas found in and brought to the world. He loved playing with his siblings, being outside, going on walks, playing with playdough, popping bubbles, driving cars, snuggling and tickles, painting, and eating Cheetos and toaster waffles.

Tommy was very happy, loving, and above all, strong. While inpatient he loved when his Childhood Cancer Coalition friends would come to visit, and while outpatient, he loved to raid the snack basket of all the Cheetos he could manage. The Christmas party, fun days at Splashdown, and everything in between are memories our family will forever cherish. He loved life, and we will forever honor his.